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2015 Rawlings YBPLA4 Plasma youth Baseball Bat Review

2015 Rawlings YBPLA4 Plasma youth Baseball Bat

If your child loves playing baseball as an outdoor activity it’s then a high time for you as a parent to embracethe baseball game too. And with a perfect bat like the2015 Rawlings Plasma youth Bat be sure of very precise and accurate ball placement with total game enjoyment too.

Aerospace plasma alloy.

This youthful bat is made from aerospace plasma alloy that makes it very durable and strong unlike other youthful bats and this alloy is manufactured by Rawlings’ as a one piece construction. It has a trampoline effect which is brought about by this alloy.

Therefore, this bat can be used for a very long time since its durable plus its strength allows can withstand huge falls especially if the bat slips away from a youth hand.

Alloys especially aerospace plasma alloy makes the bat to be used even after a child is grown up to age of 18 since the bat is very durable unlike other baseball bats especially those made from wood.

Soft touch grip.

This youthful bat has a very soft touch grip that makes the bat very easy to handle especially when one is playing. It makes the bat not to slip especially when in use because it totally eliminates the slipperiness of the bat. It also makes a child have the much needed comfort ability when playing the baseball.

This soft touch grip is about 1 ¼ inch in terms of its thinness so the child can easily use it without much straining and discomfort making this bat a very one of a kind and generally improve the child’s speed and accuracy when it comes to baseball placement.

2 ¼ Barrel diameter.

This bat has a 2 ¼ inches when it comes to its barrel diameter which makes it very suitable for child use since the barrel is neither too heavy nor too huge.

So a child can develop his/ her strength using this plasma bat while at the same time increase the general hit speed which is very essential when it comes to accurate placement. So this feature is very essential to a child especially for those who are beginners with very less expertise.

-12 length to weight ratio.

Usually the length of a bat must never superseded the overall weight of a bat since if the reverse is true then the baseball bat will be very long for a child to handle plus it will make accurate placement almost impossible.

But for this plasma youthful bat it has a -12 length to weight ratio which makes it very balanced and with precise accurate placement. So a parent must always consider this feature very keenly before purchasing any youthful baseball bat so that the child’s game playing can be more accurate and precise.

Approved for play.

This awesome bat is approved for youthful baseball play which includes the little league, babe Ruth, Dixie, AABC and USSSA among others.

So it’s very essential to buy a baseball bat that is approved for youth play since the features perfectly suit a child’s play plus this bat makes a child to grow the necessary strength required for any baseball game.

Using this plasma baseball bat will rapidly increase a child’s speed too which is usually very essential especially for him/her to have those perfect and very accurate ball placement.

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  • Aerospace plasma alloy.
  • -12 length to weight ratio.
  • 2 ¼ inch barrel diameter.
  • Soft touch grip.
  • Approved for play.


  • A bit heavy weighted for a child age 7 and below.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Does this bat comes with warranty?

A: Yes the bat comes with a 12 month warrant.

Q: what is the general weight of the bat?

A: This bat has a weight of 3 pounds.

Q: is it light weighted?

A: Yes its very light weighted.

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Final Verdict.

This bat has some of the most amazing features that comes with it and the most important and totally rocking feature is that the baseball bat is approved for play in competitive games such as the Babe Ruth, Dixie, Little League and USSSA games so no need of purchasing another bat for competitive purposes.

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