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Best College Baseball Bats – Guide & Reviews

Baseball bats are some of the most important pieces of equipment that any baseball enthusiast would ideally like to have. The game of baseball is very popular, which makes these bats even more important.

There are many different kinds of bats, and all these bats are made to different specifications and for different purposes. In line with this the user needs to know that college bats are special bats.

The user might need to look for specific kinds of bats for college games. The junior kinds of bats are not ideal for the college game but are more suited for the purpose of the game of children. College bats are many and varied, and a user would have a hard time finding the right one.

The aim of this article is to offer guidance as to the best kinds of bats to help with the game. There are some bats previewed that are very good and will serve the user well.

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Things To Consider When Buying The Best College Baseball Bats

A user who intends to find for himself the best kind of college bat should have a checklist by which he will be sure that he finds the bat with the best qualities. This checklist in our case includes five crucial points.

Material Used in Construction

With the increase in the technological knowledge, there has also been an increase amounting to research done in baseball bats. The results of these intensive amounts of research have been the discovery and production of bats that have different materials that make them up.

The user will be confronted by different kinds of bats, some metallic, others more traditional wood varieties and it will be up to him to know which the best kind to have is. They will make the choice based on some other factors which we are about to get into.

General Design

Other than the material that makes the bat up the user also ought to look at the nature of the design. The design will affect the performance of the bat more than most other factors. The user will have to look into the design of the bat and end up choosing the kind of bat that will be the most effective given the design parameters that the designers had to work with.


The kind of materials that make up the bat as well as the design nature of the bat will have an influence on the durability of the bat. The user should obviously look for bats that are more durable and can with withstand the hassle of continued game time.

The player ought to look for the most durable bats and go for them at all costs. Choosing a different kind of bat will have effects on the performance of the bat.

Barrel Size

The barrel size is one of the best indicators of the performance of the bat. The barrel size should, all other things kept constant, be the biggest determinant of the strength of the bat as far as ball striking capabilities are concerned.

You should know that the bat with a bigger barrel bat is preferable than one that is of less size. The user should choose the bat that will be bought by him. This is one of the most important considerations.


The grip is concerned with the way the bat behaves when a user handles it. Bats with good grip will hold naturally with a player and will not slip out of the hand at all times.

The grip is very important because if the player wants the bat to have the best response, then the grip has to be very consistent and steadfast. Otherwise, the user is looking at hard times while handling the bat.

Best Recommended Baseball Bats For College

The list of five bats presented below has been vetted and looked into extensively, and the results are there for all to see. They are the very best and will be used for long without any issues.

1. Louisville Slugger BBCOR Omaha Baseball Bat

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The first kind of bat is a true beauty to behold. It has been designed with the conscious user in mind and will be good and proper at all times.

Size and Length

The bat length is neither too long nor too short. The bat is just of the appropriate length. This makes it a very good bat to use and will be of good design at all times. Bats of good length like this one should not be overlooked.

Ease of Use

The bat is easy to use. The process of using it is easy and can be learned in a very short time. The user will find this bat very easy to use.

Good Material

The bat is made of good quality wood and should be well regarded by every user. This bat is very solid and will serve the user for a very long time.


The bat is a one of a kind bat in that it is very available at all places. The user will not have any problems finding the bat because it is one of the most common bats of all. Very few bats are as common as this bat.

2. DeMarini 2014 S243 Pro Maple WTDXS24 Wood Baseball Bat

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Another bat that in the category of college bats has to be considered as one of the very best. The bat should be highly considered by everyone looking for a quality bat.

Good Grip

The bat has the best grip available, and this is especially useful when the player is playing in situations that are hot, and sweating is therefore guaranteed to happen. The bat has one of the best grip capabilities possible, and this makes it very good.

Made of Wood

Wooden bats are really good and are known as some of the best quality hitting at all times. The bats that are made of wood are more preferred and should be considered by all people who are looking for good bats.

Drop Ratio

The ratio between length and weight of this college baseball bat make it very good to handle and not at all a burden to bear on the part of the player. The user should consider this bat very highly.

Aesthetic Design

The bat is beautifully designed, and this gives it appeal to all people who look at such things before buying bats.

3. Mpowered 2014 777POWR BBCOR Baseball Bat

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Bats rarely come better equipped than this one.

It is endowed with qualities that make it stand out at all times.

Comfortable Weight

The bat is light but not too light because as we all know the weight of the bat has to be of the most appropriate size if the bat is to be effective. Bat weight has an influence on how it operates.

Good Swing

The design of the bat makes it a bat with very good swing. What this means is that the bat will be able to hit the ball with the most appropriate speeds and make it go far to improve the game.

Low Resistance

In line with the ability to make the Bat's ability to have good swing is its ability to have very low resistance to air and therefore move through it with much ease. This translates to a better ball hitting.

Easily Found

These kinds of bats are very kind on the pocket and are not at all likely to cause a big dent in finances or prove impossible to find.

4. Demarini Voodoo Baseball Bat

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College bats can expect to be used extensively and should, therefore, be very durable and Hardy.

This bat meets these conditions perfectly.

Metal Construction

The bat is made up mostly of metal, and this has an influence on the performance of the bat. Bats like this should be very desirable, and any user who knows them well should use them often.

Slip-less Grip

The grip of this bat is a thing of beauty. The user can use it without any fear of it slipping or getting away from the hand under any circumstances.

Long Lasting

Because of its construction and other additional things about it, this bat is assured of the best handling capabilities. It will last long at all times.

Powerful Performance

The bat is made in such a way that it aids in propelling the ball at very high speeds and ensuring a good game.

5.BamBooBat Adult Handle Black Barrel Black Bat

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Lastly is a bat that is well known and regarded at all times. The user would be well advised to go for this bat.

Excellent Construction

The bat is easy to use and has been endowed with the best construction capabilities. This makes the bat one of the best to have.

Ergonomic Design

The bag is designed ergonomically and can, therefore, be easy to use and will cause no harmful effects to the user.


One of the bats that I saw which includes a provision of guarantee. This makes it easy to use and also assures the user of the maker's trust in his product.

Perfect Grip

The bat feels excellent on the hand, and this translates to perfect grip. There will be no instances of the bat slipping away and falling off while a game is being played.

Final Words

College baseball bats are numerous, but the user should be wise enough to know to look for the right one.

This article provides five of the best bats that a user can find around, and that should be considered by all keen baseball players.

Edward U. Dinkel

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