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Best Junior Big Barrel Bats – Guide & Reviews

There are many kinds of junior baseball bats in the market, and they are all tailored towards specific groups of players. One kind of bats that are usually very popular are junior bats. They are called junior bats because that is what they are.

They are to be used by kids and are specially made to accommodate them. This is one of the more important things people must know. Junior bats can be of many kinds as well.

The size of the barrel is a very good indicator as to the nature of the bat. Some bats have big barrels, and these are known as big barrel bats. These kinds of bats are some of the more accessible kinds of bats, and they are also more popular because they offer very good performance levels.

As with every product the choosing of one particular kind out of many is usually the biggest problem. Thus buyers need guidance before making the right decisions. This article is an attempt at such guidance.

Any curious buyer ought to read on so that they find out about the possibility of getting a good bat that helps the user at all times.

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Things To Consider When Buying The Best Junior Big Barrel Bats

You might be wondering how best you can select the best junior big barrel bats. Well, here is how.


The weight of a barrel is a very important contributor to the overall contributor to the quality of the bat. The issue is of even more importance when the bat that is being dealt with is a bat that will be used by children.

In this case, the weight has to be very light and manageable to the child. There is no fear of the bat overwhelming the child in these situations. And the child can use the bat to his heart's content.


A Bat's design impacts profoundly on the way it performs. This is seen in the way the bat strikes the ball and the effect it has in the motion of the ball. Bats that are well designed are the best and can be used to determine the effect of the bat.

A buyer has to look at the design of the bat and choose which bat will help with the propulsion of the ball in the best way possible.

Protective Material

A bat will over the course of its lifetime experience a lot of Wear and tear that will severely limit its capabilities if not dealt with. That is why bats have to be covered with protective materials that minimize this loss.

When a buyer is searching for the best bats to buy they have to know if the bat is well protected or not before choosing it. Bats that have little protection are not likely to serve well and will soon be broken and ineffective.


The way the bat is designed has an influence on the grip of the bat. The bat is usually an instrument that must be made to fit well and has a lot of its power derived from the way the top part which the batsman has to handle is designed.

With this in mind, the bat has to be made to fit the hand well and therefore aid with the grip. If a bat has a good grip, it is unlikely to slip from the hands and cause problems during batting.


The size of the bat about the person using it is a good pointer to the effectiveness of the bat. There is very little that one can do if the bat is of a size that does not match well with the user.

Kids are especially sensitive since they require that the bat be easy to handle, and it cannot be easy to handle if it is too large and bulky and cumbersome to bear. The user must look to find the best kind of bat that will be of good size.

Best Recommended Junior Big Barrel Bats

After reading the list above the user will most likely want to know which bats are the best that can be found that meet all the criteria given. The five bats presented below are the best that have been known. Having any of them is good enough to the user.

1. Easton Mako Junior Big Barrel (-12) Baseball Bat

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A solid bat with a solid reputation that has been around for quite a while and has rave reviews all around.

It is one of the few premier bats and should be looked at as one of the best

Good Length

A bat has to be of the most appropriate length that will help with its ball striking abilities. Bats that haven't been made to the correct specifications are likely to cause a lot of trouble during use. That is why this bat is made of the best length and as such is a really good bat to have.

Big Barrel

Goes without saying but this bat has a big hitting area which facilitates efficiency as well as making the game easier on the part of the player. They will appreciate how easy the bat makes the issue of striking the ball.

Cost Effective

The bat, unlike most other bats, is a very cost effective item to have. It will not burn a hole in their pockets to have this bat. That is why it is one of the best barrel bats to have


The makers understood that just having one kind of bat would most likely not be the best of things and that is why they chose to include variety in their bat types. This way a user can choose any kind they want without having to worry about their choices.

2. Easton 2015 JBB15MKB MAKO COMP 2 3/4-Inch -12 Junior Big Barrel Baseball Bat

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This is another bat that comes from the Easton Company and one that is well known for its quality and effectiveness.


The bat has a warranty, and this makes it a very reliable bat to have. You need not fear at all over the effects of using the bat over and over again. It will all be fine because of the presence of warranty.

Good Drop

The bag has one of the best drop ratios I've ever seen which makes it a very light bat that should be encouraged for use among kids especially. This is a good advantage that gives the bat the ability to serve the user perfectly.

Aesthetic Design

The bat was made for batting, but it also is one of the best-looking bats out there. Its design is pleasing to the eyes and will entice many into buying it.

Good Length

The bat is long enough to be used by children to provide perfect batting capabilities. It is of good length that that ensures the kid doesn't get tired while batting.

3. DeMarini Uprising Junior Big Barrel 2 3/4" Baseball Bat

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This is among the best bats that exist in the market.

It is made with the mind if the child and is, therefore, well equipped to handle any issue that might arise during batting.

Wood Construction

It is made of the best quality wood that only assures of good hitting capabilities and also assures of good ball speed after hitting.


The bat comes with accessories such as gloves that ensure the hitter is well equipped for his job. There will be no issues with the bat having to be used in ways that are not proper because of the lack of accessories. This is an important point.

Easy Use

The bat isn't at all complicated but has only the simplest modes of use. A user can be taught on how to use the bat and learn the process completely in the shortest time.


Because of the kind of wood used in the design of the bat, it is one of the most durable and long lasting bats that exist out there. This makes the bat one of the best to have.

4. Marucci 2015 Junior Cat 6 Big Barrel Baseball Bat

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One of the best bats that I have ever had to handle.

It is a bat, unlike most others.

Big Barrel

As the name of the barrel suggests the bat is one that has a big barrel. Bug barrels mean that the hitting area is big enough to make for comfortable hitting at all times.


As with all other good bats, this one comes with warranty provision that allows the user to use the bat without any fear.

Just the Right Length

The bat is long enough to be used by any junior without any problems. The user should be very happy when they get this bat.

Light in Weight

The weight is not an issue at all. The bat can be able to be used by all people because it is not the heaviest of bats.

5. Easton 2015 JBB15S3 S3 ALUM 2 5/8-Inch -10 Junior Big Barrel Baseball Bat

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Lastly is another bat from Easton that is just as good as those others.

The bat is made of aluminum which gives it much greater durability and resilience in the face of continuous use.

Barrel Size

The bat has a big barrel that means the striking surface is big enough to provide adequate hitting space. That is how the game becomes better.

Good Drop

The bat has a good ratio between the weight and the height. This translates to a much lighter and more manageable bat.


The bat is designed well and is, therefore, able to strike the ball with speed and accuracy at all times. Maximum success is therefore assured.

Final Words

The user who gets himself one of these bats will never regret his decision. These bats have been well researched, and the user can be sure that they will get no better bat than one of these. From their designs to their performance in the course, nothing is left to chance.

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