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Easton S500 Youth Baseball Bat Review


Easton Youth S500 Baseball Bat is created from flying machine grade aluminium. This light yet solid material empowers Easton to make an intense bat with a light swing weight and a substantial sweet spot in an equitably adjusted configuration.

Velocity is force, and this bat is intended to give you a lot of both. Easton Youth S500 Baseball Bats is composed of: 7050 air ship composite for quick swing speed 29/32″ handle with All Sports grasp, it is USSSA certified with a 1-Year Warranty.

It’s not costly, but then the perfect length/weight for young players. Youthful hitters just aren’t ready to get any points of interest out of more costly bats (though this could be out of my own point of view).

I Like the way it looks and it gives a pleasant pop when hitting. one feels significantly more sure with this bat. Keep reading the rest of the preview to understand why I recommend this Easton s500 youth baseball bat. It is very good sign for engaging your child like this types of activities. Ex: Fishing, Kayaking and other all types of sports.

It is cheap when we compare its price and the quality

I don’t think most children can differentiate between the execution of this bat and the $300 to $500 bat of the year, and I appear to purchase another bat for my child every year while he is as yet becoming rapidly. I don’t think about this as a shabby item, only a very much valued quality bat.

It’s quite light

This bat is light, and it fits the rules for youth baseball on bats (who might have thought there were such a large number of principles around this. I never thought so until I witnessed my niece disqualified 10 minutes to the start of the game).

I as a rule do buy astounding things where there is a quantifiable distinction in quality and the item is something I will keep until the end of time.

It’s well built and balanced

This bat is magnificent! It is to a great degree very much adjusted and constructed. This is my seven-year-old little girl’s first year of taking part in baseball and she has made some awesome hits with this bat.

She is quite skinny, thus we required a light all around adjusted bat and this one is great! I’ve had numerous parents ask me where we discovered it. I profoundly suggest it for littler players that battle to control their swing.

7050 airplane combination for quick swing speed

My daughters couch had always complained about her speed during swings. She could be too slow thus missing balls and thus leading to discouragements.

The first day she used this bat her swings were recommendable and this improved her confidence thus her performance became remarkable. This was all due to the alloy used in making this bat.

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  • Its light
  • It is well built and balanced
  • Available in all sizes
  • Its USSSA certified
  • Well wrapped handle to enhance grip



  • Quite expensive

Frequently asked questions

  Q:  is Easton s500 youth baseball batapproved by little league?
  A:  in the little league they check the bpf. Factor and this bat has a 1.15 factor which meets the rule. The rule states  that the factor should not be more thst thirty-three inches.
 Q:  Does this bat get dents too easily?
 A:  My daughter has used it for quite some time and had dropped it many times and it’s still intact. Its strong to resist dents.
 Q: What is the diameter of the bat?
A:  The diameter of the bat is 2 ¼

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Final Verdict

This is so far the best bat on my child’s 9U group. some of the guardians used above $200 on comparative bats and most of them purchased ones that were too huge or little. This was the bat that every one of the children needed to use.

This improved the confidence of my child and by the next meeting each child in the team had theEaston s500 youth baseball bat. I would strongly recommend this bat to anyone looking for that unique and comfortable bat.

There is no need to spend extra cash when you could get this bat that would serve similar purpose like those which cost a fortune. Get it and experience this awesome satisfaction. `

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