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Louisville Slugger YBVA153 Youth 2015 Vapor (-13) Baseball Bat Review

Louisville Slugger YBVA153 Youth 2015 Vapor (-13) Baseball Bat

This Louisville bat is a dream come true for most of the youths who loves playing baseball. It has some of the amazing features which includes a 2 ¼ barrel which is mainly designed to suit a child’s needs perfectly and it’s made of performance 7050 alloy that makes it durable.

Performance 7050 Alloy.

This bat is made of a very durable performance 7050 alloy which makes it stand out from the rest of the other bats. Alloys also makes a baseball bat to give one that required strength that is needed for any baseball bat.

So just like any other baseball bat made from alloys this Louisville bat makes a child to generally improve his strength and speed since its slightly heavy.

so the child while have to get used to using this bat which in return will make the child to develop especially his strength and speed making him to be very precise when it comes to accurate ball placements. Hence this performance 7050 alloy gives that desired perfect mixture of powerfulness and very hard lasting effect.

2 ¼ barrel

Mostly wider barrels are designed specifically for adults and so the smaller barrels which includes this 2 ¼ inch barrel is mainly designed to suit a child’s needs perfectly.

So it’s always very essential for any parent to consider the barrel size before purchasing any baseball bats. Hence, this bat is the perfect solution for your child to gain more baseball experience while at the same time this 2 ¼ inch barrel makes it possible for a child to easily use this bat without having any challenges.

7/8 inch tapered handle

Typically, it’s very important to check the baseball handle type whenever one has to purchase a baseball bat which must always be very easy to use with less slippery chances and same goes to when purchasing youth baseball bat.

For this Louisville baseball bat it has a 7/8 inch tapered handle that makes it very easy to use plus it totally eliminates the chances of the bat slipping away from the hands when one is playing baseball.

So this kind of a handle makes this bat to have that desired performance without necessarily having to hold on to the bat tightly thus one can play the game with much ease and comfort. Thus, swinging the baseball bat becomes very easy and comfortable too.

Light weighted

This bat is very light weighted making it very easy to carry and use. So no more need of you as a parent getting worried about your child’s well-being when it comes to swinging the baseball bat. Therefore, a child can swing and have those accurate ball placements.

Generally it’s important for a baseball bat to be easy weighted especially when the bat is specifically design for youth who are the ages of 10 years and below so that it can allow the child to have the bat swing with ease while at the same time giving him comfort whenever he’s handling the baseball bat.

So this light weightmakes a child to have rapid speed that is very essential when it comes to baseball playing plus he can hit the ball with a very accurate placement which will give very impressive performance for your child baseball game. Hitting the baseball with this light weighted bat is made very simple and ease.

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  • Light weighted.
  • Performance 7050 alloy.
  • 2 ¼ barrel.
  • 7/8 inch tapered handle.


  • Restricted to young kids only.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: What is the length to weight ratio for this Louisville bat?

A: The bat has a -13 length to weight ration.

Q: Does it comes with a warranty?

A: Yes the bat comes with a 12 month warranty.

Q: Is the bat a one-piece constructed?

A: Yes the bat is a one-piece frame constructed.

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Final Verdict

This bat is very perfect for your child and thus purchasing one of this bat is like a life time opportunity since your  child’s baseball performance while drastically improve plus his speed and strength improve. So as a parent purchasing this bat will be the best thing you can give your child.

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